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Our workshop specializes in the manufacture of unique forged products. We have been creating exclusive produce, delighting each customer with the quality of work and pleasant prices for more than ten years.
Forged products were at the peak of fashion back in Middle Ages, and now they are again in demand among contemporary designers. The combination of strength and airiness inherent in them will suit any interior, be it classics, shabby-chic, or modern. The most amazing quality of forged products is that their looks and shapes are virtually unlimited. Our masters will be able to complete an order of any complexity, taking into consideration all your wishes and suggestions.
Today, the so-called "cold forging" method is widespread – in fact, this is just a marketing move since it is impossible to forge cold iron. It contradicts the forging process by definition. Our forge works in the best traditions of the craft: the metal is heated under high temperatures and then acquires the shape required by the master. The impress of modernity can only be experienced in the quality of goods: our finished products are galvanized. Due to this, it will serve you for many years without undergoing corrosion and damage.
In our work we use only high-quality alloys and the best paint and varnish materials, so that the finished product has a decent look and can boast of a long-term guarantee.
Finding the application of forged products is not difficult: they will look great inside a living room, office, or in an exterior design.
Speaking of the interior, we can create everything you want: forged furniture, stairs and accessories to satisfy any taste. The exterior provides an even greater scope for the flight of fantasy: forged gates, fences, gazebos, benches, balconies, window grilles, and decorative elements. Their abundance is fascinating, but we need to remember that forging is a special kind of art that requires from a smith not only the technical skills, but also an exquisite artistic taste. With this in mind, our forge employs the most talented and creative masters.
If you wish to question our work experience, you will be impressed that for the period from 2003 and until present, we have been able to create a well-coordinated team consisting of professionals, establish production, and earn the reputation ensuring 100% customer return. Each client and their order are unique, that's why we cooperate strictly on an individual basis.
Our masters are always delighted to work with you, uncovering your ideas, learning from them about your wishes, and gaining more and more experience while doing their best to satisfy you with quality products. In addition, we have materials of various prices and a flexible system of discounts, guaranteeing that each customer will find something suitable for themselves.
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