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Wooden Products: High Quality, Speed, Reliability
Our company specializes in the production of woodwork. For more than twenty years, we have been delighting our customers with quality produce, ensuring their complete satisfaction with our work.
Wooden furniture has always been an inseparable part of every house. Beds, wardrobes, cabinets, and many other items are mostly made of wooden materials and can be bought in practically all furniture stores. However, who can guarantee the quality of the products sold there? After all, very often for the sake of cutting down additional expenses during the manufacture various cheap and harmful chemical compounds and dubious coating materials are used. No doubt, as people tend to spend a half of their life time at home, it is very important for a person to live in a healthy environment and we should not allow the interior objects to cause any harm to our physical wellbeing. 
Ordering furniture from our company, you get exclusive pieces made of the best wood without worrying for their quality. We guarantee your item of choice will be made of high-quality, environmentally friendly wood, brought from the ecologically clean regions of Ukraine. Each sample undergoes an individual check up by our qualified specialist, including a dosimeter inspection. Owing to this, the products made by our workshop will not only be visually pleasing and serve you well for many years, but will also do no harm to you and your family.
The attitude of our specialists to children furniture is even stricter: while producing it, we completely abstain from such chemically harmful materials as particleboard, fiberboard, and mineral wool slabs.
Our original woodwork will appeal to both adults and children, and will become a perfect gift to anyone.
Our company is well-equipped. The process of wood drying is done with the help of the technology completely excluding the need for human participation. After that, the product proceeds to our paint shop where qualified staff will process and cover it with high-quality paint and varnish materials. The finished product is protected by a multi-year guarantee.
You will be pleasantly impressed with the current pricing policy of our company. Different kinds of wood, paint materials of various prices and for all tastes, as well as an individual approach will perfectly complement the subsequent exclusively positive emotions that you will have from the use of our products.
Many years of experience (the carpentry shop has been operating since 1995) also contribute to our mastery and reputation. During this time, we have managed to employ and train a well-coordinated team, which includes experienced professionals and masters of their craft, ready to get down to an order of any complexity. It does not matter whether it is woodwork proper, furniture, or accessories – we will do it the way you want because we believe that the customer is always right.
In addition, we provide assistance in the design of premises, their repair and redecoration works. Consultation and visit of the client’s location are completely free of charge.


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